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Received from the Federal Center of Technological Education of Paraná Award "Company of the Year in the IT sector"


We were chosen by the Bank of Brazil as "Best in Class Enterprise Software"


Received the Prize "Business Success" in the Services category.

We were rewarded again by the Bank of Brazil as "Outstanding Technology APL IT"

Elected in 1st place for the "Competitiveness Award for Micro and Small Business Network of the Brazil +"


We have won 1st Place in the Assespro - Association of Brazilian Companies in Information Technology, State of Paraná, the 1st Prize Assespro Management Excellence - PAEG. Adding to the credibility of the event, Assespro had a partnership with the Movement Paraná Competitive "coordinated by the Brazilian Institute of Quality and Productivity - IBPQ by subscribing to the quality and reliability of assessments and awards.


R. Quintino Bocaiúva, 670 - Sl 203
Londrina . Paraná . Brasil . Fone +55 43 3302.2222